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Salice Air Conceal Hinges

RM 210.00

The innovative and revolutionary hinge 

Despites its compactness and small size, Air delivers full functionality to furniture manufacturers.

It is inserted into the top and bottom of the cabinet and the door and is practically invisible. Its small size means that the applications for Air are numerous: kitchens, bathrooms, living- and bedroom furniture or display cabinets.

A masterpiece of compactness in design, imperceptible and unseen just like air: Air is the new fusion of technology and aesthetics.

Air can be equipped with holders for the hinge cup and arm. The holders make the insertion of the hinge easier as well as hiding any surface imperfections caused by the machining of the cabinet.

  • The hinge is characterised by compactness and by a small size; it incorporates an integrated soft close mechanism for decelerated closing.
  • It is fitted to the top and bottom panel of the cabinet.
  • For min. 18 mm thick wooden doors and for aluminium-framed doors.
  • Max. door weight 20 Kg.
  • Max. dimensions of the door : height 2100 mm, width 600 mm.
  • 16.5 mm deep metal cup.
  • L = 2.5 mm
  • 105° opening.
  • Possible drilling distance on the door (K): from 3 to 6 mm for wooden doors.
  • Fixed K = 4 mm for aluminium-framed doors.